Ft. Stevens Camping 2018

Every year for almost 50 years our family has camped at Ft. Stevens State Park. It's glamping really -- complete with showers, bathrooms, electricity, the works. We all enjoy breakfast and dinner together in our group site where we all gather around the fire for warmth. Of course even in August, near the coast is always so much cooler than the city. This year I honestly didn't get as many pictures as I wanted, but with tiny guy in tow that comes as no surprise. (I just want to stare at him all day really <3). It's a tradition I hope our kids will someday do with their own kiddos. 

Got a few phone uploads as well for the days we went crabbing and to the aquatic center in Astoria. :) 

No trip is complete without a group photo! Of course we took it on Margarita Wednesday, which is totally a thing at our camp. It'll be even cooler with our cousin's hand lettering! 

Theo is 6 Months!

6 months. Half a year. 4,380 hours. How is it my sweet tiny babe has already been with us this long? I remember how quickly it went by with my first (it still does, but that first year is crazy), and I try to soak up every moment with both of them. Poor little guy has been teething hard and been fussy, but even in those moments I try to find joy in comforting him because it won't last forever, every parent learns that. Thanks for brining us 6 months of Theo-dorable so far, can't wait to experience so much more! 

I shot too shallow with this first image, but I don't care because his face is toooo cute. 

Cherry's Discovery Flight

It was a gorgeous day; the sky an amazing cerulean blue with little white puffs of clouds to give it character and 80 degrees outside with cool breezes. An awesome day to accomplish a goal. A long time ago, Cherry told me she wanted to fly a plane, perhaps even get her pilots license. Today she took that first step and flew an airplane! I feel like when people close to us accomplish their goals, we all win, especially when we get to share in the fun. I love you girl, thanks for letting us cheer you on!

Some photos from behind the scenes as well.  

Paint Gun Fun

Was at first questioning why I had bought these paint guns, I had stared at them for a while sitting on the shelf, just wondering how much of a mess they would make. I know it's silly. But my goodness this was so much fun! Who cares how messy something is if it's this enjoyable! Just be ready to shower afterward because the paint is honestly sticky and messy but it's awesome. 

Oliver's Ice Cream Social (4th birthday party)

It's hard to believe that the one that made me a mommy just turned 4! 

We are beyond lucky and counting our stars that we have so many great people to share in our lives and celebrate with us. I regret that I didn't get photos of every lovely person that attended, but here are some of the ones that I did get! <3 For his actual birthday we took him out to Great Wolf Lodge, as we are trying to live in a way that values our experiences over items. (Although some items hold great value and give us joy, which I believe is an experience itself). 

Beach House Trip for 30th Birthday!

Growing up my husband often got to stay with his cousins at their beach cabin in Rockaway Beach. For my 30th birthday he finally got to share those wonderful memories with me and his children, and make new ones! Sightseeing, hiking, playing board games, snuggling to the sounds of the pouring rain, watching movies, so many of my favorite things crammed into one weekend. I had always dreaded 30, but thanks to my family I'm sure it'll be an amazing year. 

Baby Henry

Some of my favorites from this sweet newborn shoot! Henry is so adorable, and he was so content and sweet during the whole session. Congratulations Noelle and Jacob! <3 

Novella & Evan - Wedding

I had the pleasure of capturing the special day for these two amazing people. She is a winemaker and he is a chef, what a perfect combo! I loved listening to the stories from their loved ones, seeing them smile and glow at one another, and watching them enjoy the company of their friends and family many of which came up from California and elsewhere! 

Congratulations to you guys, yet another amazing journey for you to embark upon! 

Baby Elijah

This little guy is just so sweet and was full of the cutest smiles! <3 Congratulations to Amanda and Rich, he is absolutely perfect! 


Camping at Fort Stevens 2016

Every year our family goes on a camping trip to Fort Stevens. And when I say family, I don't just mean Oliver, Robert, and I. I mean my husband's, maternal grandmother's whole side of the family (just about all of them at least). An amazing bunch of cousins, aunts, and uncles. This is the 47th year that the family has done this trip! And now that we all have little ones, we really see how important this trip really is! We couldn't have done it without our awesome cousins Shannon and Juliann taking the reigns and organizing the trip for our families. 


Juniper Ann

This little darling gave me a run for my money. ;) But she is so adorably sweet in every way! 
I am so happy for you Brooke and Shane, you guys are already amazing parents!

Amanda & Rich Maternity

These two beautiful souls are completely overjoyed and eager to meet the baby that they prayed for.
Getting to photograph them was so much fun, they were full of love, laughter, and excitement. I know that they will share their wealth of love with their little bundle of joy. 



Brooke & Shane Maternity

These two have been good friends of ours for long time. The love between them is so apparent whenever you're with them, and I know they'll share that love and more with their baby girl. We are overjoyed that they are on the path to becoming parents and can't wait to meet her! 

Baby Landon

I got the pleasure of photographing baby Landon at barely a week old. His parents are humble, amazing people who prayed and worked so hard for Landon to come into this world. He is lucky to have such wonderful people to guide him through his journey of life, and they are such lucky parents to get to learn from him and love him unconditionally.