Ft. Stevens Camping 2018

Every year for almost 50 years our family has camped at Ft. Stevens State Park. It's glamping really -- complete with showers, bathrooms, electricity, the works. We all enjoy breakfast and dinner together in our group site where we all gather around the fire for warmth. Of course even in August, near the coast is always so much cooler than the city. This year I honestly didn't get as many pictures as I wanted, but with tiny guy in tow that comes as no surprise. (I just want to stare at him all day really <3). It's a tradition I hope our kids will someday do with their own kiddos. 

Got a few phone uploads as well for the days we went crabbing and to the aquatic center in Astoria. :) 

No trip is complete without a group photo! Of course we took it on Margarita Wednesday, which is totally a thing at our camp. It'll be even cooler with our cousin's hand lettering!